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Кабели для передачи данных для искробезопасных установок


for fixed installation & flexible applications



exclusively for use in self-protective circuits, as impulse and data transmission cable, control and connecting cable in process controlled facilities in measurement and control technology for lossless data and signal transmission. For fixed laying and flexible applications with undefined cable routing and without tensile stress. Suitable for use in dry and humid rooms. Outdoor use only with UV-protection, no laying underground.


  • twisted pairs
  • for intrinsically safe electric circuits
  • protection class "i" acc. to VDE 0165
  • largely resistant to acids, bases and specified types of oil
  • intrinsically safe systems are circuits where no spark and no thermic effect in normal operation or in failure can ignite explosive surrounding areas. These products are intended for use within <50 V AC resp. <75 V DC voltage. Therefore they are not subject to the EU Low Voltage Directive.

Конструкция и технические характеристики

Электрические характеристики


  • conform to RoHS
  • free from lacquer damaging substances and silicone (during production)
  • recommended for EMC-applications
  • also available: ÖPVC-JZ-YCY EB, ELITRONIC®-CY EB (DIN47100)

Артикулы для заказа кабеля

Партномер Тип кабеля Конструкция Информация Вес кабеля Вес меди Диаметр Заказ кабеля
501155 PAARTRONIC-CY EB LIYCY (TP) 2X2X0,75 DIN47100, BLAU RAL 5015 106 64,6 8,4